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  • Full access to SMIU content and insights
  • Online training academy included
  • Downloadable data for onward analysis and use
  • Understand social media without being attached to it


Not For Profit partners can complete the simple signup process now and access all of SMIU's data and insights. If you have been allocated an SMIU coupon, you will need it during the registration process.

Do you understand what is influencing the world around us?

Between dark advertising, psychometric profiling, and a digital bombardment of competing information and disinformation, it's often difficult to tell where the line between truth and lies has gone. Does it even still exist?

SMIU performs the essential task of disconnecting you from the dopamine of social media, removing you from echo-chambers and the addictive trend cycle. Detachment puts you back in control of your campaign strategy.

Built around an intelligence framework instead of an algorithm, we research, curate, and analyse thousands of social media accounts and the content they produce every day. We condense a complex digital landscape to provide you with core metrics, summaries, and influential posts - so you can understand what (and who) is influencing public discourse and political debate, and how you can change hearts and minds.

  • Curated national monitoring of influential social media
  • National and local performance analysis
  • Compare and contrast presence and messaging
  • Understand top performing content and emotive designs

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